We attach great importance to a reasonable and sustainable use of nature’s resources

For nature and the environment

We are very careful to always pay attention to the sustainability of our activities, building measures and the complete energy supply. We would like to be able to enjoy nature with its forests and meadows and the diversity of species for many years to come, and we want everything to remain healthy and natural.

We carry the „LANDGRÜN“ seal. What does this mean?

Hardly any other form of vacation comes as close to the topic of sustainability as a vacation in the countryside. There, where life does not take place in front of the television, but in front of the door. Where we are reminded that milk does not come from the refrigerator. And where you can watch your bread ingredients grow.

LANDGRÜN stands for hosts and accommodations throughout Europe that pay special attention to sustainability and have been successfully tested in various criteria in the areas of INFORM – ARRIVAL – LIVING – EATING & DRINKING – EXPERIENCE – DEPARTURE.

Use of renewable energies

We also place great emphasis on the use of renewable energies, and we heat the entire house in an environmentally friendly manner using central wood-based heating. We use solar energy to heat water and have installed a photovoltaic system on the roof to produce electricity.

We get our water from our own spring.

Sustainable agriculture and forestry

Forestry is an important mainstay of our farm. In addition to the production of WOOD as a valuable raw material, the care and maintenance of the forest is particularly important, particularly as a place of relaxation for people and animals.

As well as cultivating our forest, we are also dedicated to biological agriculture. The calves and cattle in our beef cattle herd are kept in a manner suitable for their species – in summer they are out in the pastures and in winter they are in a pen.

Vacation in and with nature.
This is possible with us.

You want to spend a relaxing vacation here?

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