From rabbit to Black Forest Black Forest pasture cows

Always in focus on our farm

Of course, as a traditional farm in the Black Forest, many animals live with us on the farm. There are lots of animals to pet, but also livestock such as cows from our beef cattle herd.

Animals on the farm

  • Cows and calves
  • Moritz the cat and other cats
  • Emma and Paula the rabbits
  • Chickens and Günther the rooster
  • Paul the pony
  • Anton the donkey
  • If you’re lucky, there will be deer, wild rabbits, badgers and much more at the edge of the forest..


Top quality meat from Black Forest pasture cows.
Tender, juicy and healthy!

This particular meat comes from young cows which have been raised in a nearly natural manner as part of the beef cattle stock. The calves roam free in the pastures with their mothers from spring to autumn. The young animals are fed grass and their mothers’ milk. In contrast to intensive cattle farming, the animals grow a lot slower using this extensive approach.

The natural pastures and the pens in winter which both provide lots of space to move around mean that the cows produce a tender, tasty meat. This biological rearing is suitable for the species and is environmentally friendly. As Bioland farmers, we only ever have as many animals as the land can sustain, so we don’t need to supplement the cows’ diet with any conventional feed of unknown origin.

Normal pre-prepared feeds available on the market and imported feeds from the third world are strictly forbidden by Bioland.

As a member of the Bioland Association, we do not use any mineral nitrogen fertilisers or any pesticides on our farm. We put down straw in the stables and we use solid and liquid manure in the meadows.

You want to spend a relaxing vacation here?

We have something nice for you:

Paul, the pony